Public Coffee Roasters

You must experience this journey. We invite you to enjoy a unique cup of coffee with the unique view of the Speicherstadt. Our coffees come from small farms all over the world. Once in Hamburg, the beans are roasted gently in our floating Roastery on the Elbe. Every step in our company is handmade and under strict quality control. Public Coffee Roasters stands for coffee quality Therefore, we develop an individual roasting profile for each type of coffee so that we achieve maximum aroma. Our trained Baristi look forward to serve you a perfect cup of coffee. Our coffees can be bought in our shops.


Brandstwiete 3 • 20457 Hamburg Speicherstadt

U3 Meßberg, Bus line 4 and 6 Brandstwiete

Monday - Friday 7.30 – 18.00

Saturday - Sunday 10.00 – 18.00