Welcome to your gourmet walk, packed with history, architecture and culinary highlights. With this guide, you can explore the best corners of the city at your own pace. Along this 2.6km cultural walk, you will discover UNESCO World Heritage listed sites, and the modern Hafencity with the Elbphilharmonie, along with other significant landmarks of Hamburg.


Along the way, we have chosen three different places for you to discover, complete with coupons you can use at each place for free tastings. Simply decide your route, pack your coupons and get going!


A detailed description of the path as well as coupons for tasty samples are prepared for you and can be downloaded. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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Schauraum Bischofsturm

The first proven urban settlement was located around the tower from the 12th century that was probably used for spying. A ring-shaped tower base with a width of 19 meter has been sustained. It can be visited gratuitously at the archaeological museum at the ground floor of the St. Petri-Yard. You will find the entrance through a bakery nearby.

Kölln Haferland

Kölln Haferland

Kölln Flocken clearly shows that muesli is more than breakfast. Our menu offers savoury and sweet food for every type of taste, spinach filled oat pockets or muesli-cakes for example. Moreover, you have the opportunity to create your own, individual muesli in a cosy atmosphere.


Culinary City Tour


The "Kontore" of Europe´s first office quarter were used for trading purposes of Hamburg´s merchants with the whole world. Especially worth seeing: the "Spinkenhof" and the "Chilehaus". It was build in 1922-24 by the architect Fritz Höger with 4,8 million bricks and 2,800 windows and resembles a ship´s bow. The constructor was Henry Slogan who gained his fortune by trading with Salpeter from Chile.

Chocolate Museum

Chocoversum by Hachez

Chocolate makes you happy, and visitors to the CHOCOVERSUMs experience this phenomenon with all their senses. With over 1000 different products, you will gain a new appreciation for the product of chocolate, whether it with a fine praline, a nourishing skin cream, or a flavorsome barbeque sauce. If you want to immerse yourself in the world of the sweet gold, you can take a 90 minute tour of the Chocolate Museum. Here you can experience every step of the chocolate production – from the growing of cacao in the tropical rainforests, to the production and refinement of the chocolate. You are also invited to participate in the chocolate making process – you can even create your own bar of chocolate! MORE?

City Tour Speicherstadt


This bridge is named by numerous lodgers who lived here before. Poggen, in standard German: toad. You get the greatest view on the “Speicherstadt” from here, a direct view on the moated castle that was built in 1905. Labourer have lived here instead of aristocratic people: the keeper of the winches. They maintained the hydraulic winches by which merchandise has been lifted into the storehouses.

Culinary City Tour

Rathaus der Speicherstadt

The building, built in 1902, is known for its exceptional style combination of renaissance and late gothic as well as for its enormous clock tower. Therefore, it differs from the other buildings in the “Speicherstadt” and resembles a town hall. In reality, it is an administrative building and is occupied by the “Hamburger Hafen- und Lagerhaus-Aktiengesellschaft”, HHLA in short. From time to time, exhibitions take place in this building.

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The „Flussschifferkirche“ is an evangelic and swimming church that was built on an inactive ship from 1906. Among other items, the décor consists of an organ, a bell tower and the church’s symbol: the anchor-cross. Apart from church services for up to 130 people, weddings and baptisms also take place on the river church. 

Spice Museum

SPICY`S Gewürzmuseum

You won’t find a museum for spices like this anywhere else. Your visit will be an experience for the senses and attractive to every age group. All original spices that are exposed in the former storehouse can be smelled, touched and tasted. More than 900 exhibits over about 350m^2 show the process from crop growing and treatment to the finished product over the past five centuries. MORE?

Tour Hafencity


Welcome to the maritime part of Hamburg – the „Hafen City“. The „Sandtorhafen“ from the 1860’s is the first artificially constructed inner harbour of Hamburg and has been used for trading purposes for a long time. In 2008, it has been reopened as a traditional harbor. Nowadays, the little harbor accommodates historical sailing boats which you can look at from a 380 meter long and swimming pontoon.  

Culinary Tour HarbourCity


The philharmonic orchestra has become Hamburg’s emblem. The vitreous part of the building on top of the traditional former storehouse includes 2 concert halls, a hotel as well as various apartments. Since November 2016 the „Plaza“ is open to visitors who can enjoy the unique 360° view over Hamburg and its harbour. After a construction period of about 10 years, the opening concert took place in January 2017.